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Hot New Release: Rock and a Hard Place by Maggie Mayhem


Rock and a Hard Place by Maggie Mayhem is now live and #free in #KindleUnlimited!


My Fake Gargoyle Fiancé

So, this is rock bottom. Not only did I lose my job and my apartment, but now, an ultra-secret snow leopard shifter group wants me to marry a guy I never met and have babies to save our species. And they’re coming in three days to take me away.

Cue me getting smashed alone on a Thursday night. That is until the world’s sexiest, brooding stranger walks in, all sharp angles and hard lines. He’s massive and covered in muscles, and his mesmerizing green-gray eyes has my knees turning to jelly. In a moment of brilliance—or perhaps it was the gin and tonic—I ask him to marry me.

I wake up in Gunnar Redrock’s luxurious penthouse suite. It’s supposed to be a charade, but the line between fact and fiction gets blurrier the more time I spend with him. Our marriage may be a sham, but these feelings are the real deal.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, the only way forward might land me with a broken heart.

Rock and a Hard Place is a standalone paranormal romance full of sweet & steamy scenes with a protective bad-boy gargoyle. HEA guaranteed.

About Maggie
Maggie Mayhem is a steamy paranormal romance author and full-time dog mom. Her love for the fantastical and supernatural has been a lifelong passion, and she strives to create stories that readers can escape into. She loves immersing herself in the details of her stories and characters. When she’s not writing, Maggie can be found pulling her canine cloud out of the snow, savoring a glass of good wine, or exploring the scenic trails of her local parks.

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