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Currently Reading: Unforgiving Queen by Eva Winners

A harmless kiss led to a fairy tale. Or so I thought. But unlike the happily-ever-afters you read about, my tale didn’t end with a wedding gown and roses.

My fairy tale turned into a heartbreak. Inked in pain and sealed in tears.

It almost cost me my life. And my family.

He moved on as if nothing ever happened, while I was left to pick up the pieces.

Now, he’s back and he wants me.

To him, I’m a pawn to be used. Leverage. But I’m no longer his. I’m his brother’s betrothed.

Stuck between two brothers, the push and pull unbearable. One wants me, the other needs me. But the Leone brothers will learn that this queen won’t be a pawn.

To me, they are both men deserving of pain and poison.

My family thinks I’ll accept my fate.

Well, I plan to fight it.

Releasing September 14, 2023

The cliffhanger from Bitter Prince is still distracting me and the blurb for this book is making me wonder if we’re in for a love triangle between the brothers and Raine. I really can’t wait for this one.

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