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Blog Tour: Savage Sin by Helen Hardt

 Between the sheets they can escape the secrets they’re both keeping—secrets that spell danger for them and those they love.

Savage Sin, an all-new heart-wrenching, romantic suspense and first book in the Bellamy Brothers Series from #1 New York Times, #1 USA Today & #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author Helen Hardt is available now!

In prison, they called him Savage.

Falcon Bellamy spent years locked up for a crime he didn’t commit, which shattered his dream of serving his country as a Navy SEAL. When he’s granted early parole to help with a family emergency, he’s determined to reclaim his life. 

The last thing Falcon wants or needs is a relationship, but when he meets his beautiful parole officer, he knows he’s in trouble.

Savannah Gallo is supposed to keep Falcon on the straight and narrow, but she can’t help getting drawn into his brooding darkness and intensity. 

Her gorgeous parolee is off-limits, but their chemistry proves too explosive to ignore. 

Between the sheets they can escape the secrets they’re both keeping—secrets that spell danger for them and those they love. 

But secrets never stay hidden forever, and when theirs collide, the fallout could be devastating.

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I walk to the bar and sit one stool away from the man in question. I slyly glance toward him. 

And nearly lose my breath. 

He’s not just good looking. 

He’s magnificent, in a rough and rugged way. Wavy dark hair that’s unruly, high sculpted cheekbones, and black stubble that graces a granite jawline. Muscles, too. His forearms are corded and sexy with a perfect smattering of dark hair. His biceps bulge, making the simple white T-shirt he wears stretch around them. The sleeve hides all but a bit of a tattoo, so I can’t see what it is. 

The server, who’s now tending bar, glances at me. “I’ll have your drinks in a minute, honey.”

Good save. Gives me a reason to be up here. “Great. Thanks. I just need to make a slight change.”


“I’d like a red wine instead of the vodka cranberry, if that’s okay.”

“It’s fine, but we don’t exactly have any French stuff here. You know, for your friend who thinks it’s cute to use French words.”

“The wine’s for me, not for her. What do you have?”

She slides a piece of paper toward me. “Our wine list.”

I take a look. 



Red Blend 

White Blend 

I can’t help a giggle. “What’s funny?” she asks. 

“Nothing. I’ll have the Merlot, I guess.”

The man a chair away glances up at me. God, his eyes are so big and dark with lashes to die for. Gorgeous. 

“Could I see that?”


I hand him the paper. He laughs. “Now that’s damned funny.”

The server glares at him. “You got a problem, Falcon?”

Falcon? Interesting name. It seems to fit him. A bird of prey—a solitary hunter with speed, agility, and heightened senses. A hunter. This man looks like he could take anyone down. 

Already I’m pretty sure I know what that tattoo must be. 

“Hell no, Iris, but come on.” He holds up the paper. “You call this a wine list?”

Iris sets her hands on her hips. “That’s what it is, ain’t it?”

“If you say so.” He shoves it back at her and turns to me. “You want some advice?”


“Switch to the red blend. Blends are almost always a better bet with cheap wine. Less expensive varietals are always better when they’re blended.”


“Yeah. I used to know something about wine.”

I lift my brow. “And you don’t anymore?”

He looks down. “Let’s just say it’s been a long time.”

An empty lowball glass sits in front of him. 

“Can I get you another?” I ask boldly. “You know, as a thank you for the wine advice.”

“That was hardly wine advice. But I appreciate the thought.”“So…?”“Thank you, but no. Three’s my limit for cheap bourbon.”

“What are you calling cheap?” Iris asks. 

“Come on,” the guy—Falcon—says. “It’s not an insult, Iris. It’s simple fact.” He rises, pulls a wallet from his back pocket, grabs some bills, and shoves them toward Iris. 

So much for that. 

He’s leaving. 

At least it will get Ashley off my back.

 But Falcon doesn’t leave. He stays put, and in a moment I realize he’s staring.

 At me.

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