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Blurb Reveal: Champion by Michelle Mankin


CHAMPION, an all-new steamy, age-gap, sports romance from New York Times bestselling author Michelle Mankin is coming August 31st, and we have your FIRST look at the blurb!

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Blurb: The most arrogant and winningest quarterback in football history, Champion Valentine gets what he wants when he wants it, except when it involves a certain exotic dancer.

Electra Miller’s life is the opposite of charmed. One terrible tragic night, she lost everything that meant anything. Forced to abandon her dream, she works hard to maintain her position as the headliner at Fantasy. Stripping isn’t Juilliard, but it pays the rent and no one asks uncomfortable questions about her past. Her secrets remain her own, even her crush on the blond, blue-eyed, and gorgeous Texas Lonestars QB nearly two decades older than her.

Champion wants Electra.

Electra wants Champion, though she can never admit it. Those secrets she maintains aren’t only her own.

What happens when a living legend who doesn’t know how to take no for an answer meets a beautiful dancer eighteen years younger and every bit as stubborn as he is?

You guessed it. 

Game on.

One with an outcome that might change everything and not just for the two of them.

*Champion is a spicy, standalone football sports romance between two spirited equals.

Expect push and pull between our hero and heroine and m.a.j.o.r melt your eReader fireworks. Within the story, there are more layers of façade to peel away to get to the truth than velcro on a stripper’s costume.

There’s also emotion that will tug on your heartstrings, humor that will make you smile, and a happy ending —pun intended—for nearly everyone. After all, desires must be fulfilled at a club called Fantasy.*

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