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New Release: You’re so Extra by Angela Casella

Does it count as cruel and unusual punishment if you’re forced to be a movie extra with your enemy?

You’re so Extra, an all-new steamy, enemies-to-lovers, forced-proximity romantic comedy with a hint of suspense from USA Today bestselling author Angela Casella is available now on Apple, Nook, Kobo and Google Play for a limited time!

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Does it count as cruel and unusual punishment if you’re forced to be an extra with your enemy?


I figured being a movie extra would be a harmless distraction—a way for me to forget that my life is imploding and I’m the one who pulled the trigger. But it turns out ninety percent of being an extra is sitting around, so I have nothing to do but dwell.

Worse, I have to spend every last minute on set with a woman who’s connected to the incident that sent my life off course. I’m determined to help her, thereby evening the scales of justice imbalanced by my parents, but Delia Evans is so sunshiney and naïve and…

Well, extra.

And, to my utter astonishment, I find myself wanting more of her.



It seemed like fate when I got hired to be in this movie. My high school crush is the lead actor, and judging by the number of times my mother has accused me of being dramatic, I’m a natural actress.

Only it turns out my former crush is a jerk, being an extra is shockingly boring, and I’m paired with a man whose last name ensures he’s my enemy. Lucas Burke is gorgeous, but even if he weren’t a Burke, I could never fall for such a conceited know-it-all.

Or at least that’s what I think until accidents start happening on set…

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