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Blog Tour: Step Alpha by Renee Rose

It’s a wolf-eat-wolf school, and those on the top–like my stepbrother–rule all.

Step Alpha, an all-new paranormal shifter romance USA Today bestselling author Renee Rose is available now!

1st Lesson of Wolf Ridge High: Dominate or submit. 

It’s a wolf-eat-wolf school, and those on the top–like my stepbrother–rule all.

Those of us on the bottom? We try to fly under the radar.

But now that my name is attached to Wilde’s, 

now that we’re “family,”

there’s no more hiding. 

And the cocky baller is out to punish me

for the crime of dragging down his reputation.

He discovered my secret

and uses it against me.

I would rather die than have anyone find out.

So I give into his demands.

My bed. 

My body.

My submission.

And the worst part? I don’t want it to stop.

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Gratitude crashes all around me, sending me nuzzling into Rayne, cupping her nape and kissing her temple, her forehead, her nose, finally landing on her lips where I move my mouth lazily against hers while rocking slowly in and out. “Does it hurt, baby?”

His scent soothes me. Grounds me. I feel changed

Little stepsister, prepare to suffer. I’m going to make your life a living hell.

Wilde stumbles through the opening, knocking me backward. His hand shoots out to grab my forearm to keep me from landing on my ass, and he stares at me with a mixture of shock and disgust. He doesn’t release my arm from his bruising grip. Of course, he can see in the dark far better than I can. I flush, realizing what he sees. Short little me, standing in nothing but the black lace panties I was wearing for the video and a tiny tank top.

His growl seems to surround me, to enter me. To turn my blood to molten lava.

I can’t believe she’s sleeping in my room, in my bed, right now. It’s about as wrong as things could get.

There’s no way in hell I will stroke myself off thinking about Rayne the Runt. I’d rather die.

I pull Rayne into my arms where she fits. Her small body against my large one. Her softness against my muscles. Right here, where she was always meant to be.

“You’re perfection, my queen,”

My wolf wants it as wild and feral as he can give it.

My lover. My mate. My sexy, sinful stepbrother. He will take care of me. He’s everything.

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