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One moment in time, one freak accident, and my entire hockey career was over.

Off-Ice Collision, an all-new grumpy-sunshine hockey romance from USA Today bestselling author Cali Melle is available now!


One moment in time, one freak accident, and my entire hockey career was over.

Two years have passed since my injury and I am still mentally struggling with this loss.

Mad at the world and everyone in it, I sought solace at my parents’ lake house for the summer.

It was supposed to be somewhere for me to be alone and heal.

But when London Hayes walks back into my life, the universe has different plans.

And I need to find a way to derail them because I refuse to drag her down with me.


It had been over two years since I’d last seen Vaughn Carter.

And he feels like a stranger.

Cold and distant, abrasive and angry.

He’s a shell of a person compared to the version I used to know, but I know he’s still in there.

Somewhere deep inside is the boy I used to love, but he needs help finding himself again.

And I won’t be the one to give up on him, even if it costs me my own heart in the end.

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“Do your worst to me, Vaughn Carter.”

“London Hayes needs to learn to stay as far away from me as possible. Because I will only destroy her in the end.”

“He really believes he’s broken beyond repair. And I’m here to show him he’s wrong.”

“We all have scars, Vaughn… They become a part of us and mix with the beauty. There’s nothing ugly about them at all.”

“I want to fix you.”

—“I’m broken beyond repair, baby.”

“Who the hell am I anymore? I don’t know who I am without hockey.”

 “You’re Vaughn Carter. One of the funniest, sweetest people that I’ve ever met,” she says softly as her fingertips trace invisible patterns along the back of my neck. “You just have to let me in so I can find you.”

I swallow. “You belong in the light, not the darkness.”

“I’m not afraid of it,” she breaths, her breath fanning across her face. “I’ll follow you into the dark.”

“Maybe I don’t like talking to anyone but you.”

Strong and steady, like an anchor that holds a boat from drifting out to sea during the darkest storms.

London Hayes is my anchor…

As long as I don’t fray the rope that holds us together.

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