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He was supposed to be my forever love, Until he becomes my personal hell…

The Rebound, an all-new second chance, fake relationship, billionaire romance from bestselling author L. Steele is available now!

He was supposed to be my forever love

Until he becomes my personal hell…

Declan Beauchamp: he’s the super-hot, super-bad boy actor.

I’m the new voice, who has an overnight break-out single.

Together we are unbeatable.

A match-made-in-tabloid heaven.

Until he betrays me…

I manage to put him behind and move on.

I even have a new boyfriend.

Except my career is in freefall…

Only consolation?

Declan isn’t faring better either.

With my future and his at stake.

Declan comes up with a plan.

One movie together,

And a fake relationship to catapult our futures back on track.

But when our chemistry detonates,

I know I can’t survive this encounter.

I tell him the deal is off,

Except it’s too late…

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“I don’t care what you believe. What you need to understand, though, is that I’m too much man for you to handle.”

“This—” I point to the space between us. “I was sure you wanted revenge for what happened but now, I don’t know.”

“So, is this a truce?” She holds up her glass of wine.

“It’s a…beginning of our friendship.”

“Friendship?” Her forehead furrows.

My very own Prince Charming.

“It’s none of your business.”

– “You became my business when I saved you from those men.”

The least I can do is answer his questions. But something about the arrogance that clings to him, that hooked aristocratic nose of his, the way he’s watching me with a judgmental expression… It makes me want to defy him.

“Thank you.”

– “You’re welcome.”

“You’re being very polite.”

I smirk. “Does that surprise you?”

She reaches out and runs her fingers across the spones of the books. Her features soften; her lips part. Her entire body leans into the books. It’s as if she’s making love to the bookcase.

“You’re the most important thing in the world for me. You’re more important than the very air I breathe. You’re it for me, baby. And I won’t let even death take you away from me.”

“You’re my sun, my moon, and my stars. My complete universe.”

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