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Cover Reveal: A Kingdom of Fire and Fate by Holly Renee

Holly Renee has revealed the gorgeous cover for A Kingdom of Fire and Fate!

Releasing: July 20, 2023
Discreet Cover Design: Forensics and Flowers
Cover Designer: Trif Designs
Photographer: Regina Wamba

Passion ignites, torn between desire and duty.

Love and loyalty collide in the aftermath of war, where Sorin consumes my every thought. Haunted by nightmares, the intensity of our connection blazes brighter than ever.

In the dead of night, he visits, whispering promises of a future that weakens my resolve. The fear of losing him becomes an inferno, overshadowing all else.

But destiny takes a wicked twist. When news arrives that the human king, now allied with Evren’s father, has invited Starblessed contenders to compete for his hand in marriage, I embark on a perilous journey into enemy territory. My goal: to uncover the enigmatic ruler’s hidden secrets.

Yet, Sorin, fierce and unwavering, refuses to let me face this danger alone. He risks everything to protect me.

Together, we navigate a treacherous realm of secrets and deception, shrouding my true identity as we unravel the twisted web spun by the human king.

As our desires intensify, so does the peril that surrounds us. Loyalties blur, and the line between friend and foe fades amidst an imminent threat.

In a world where trust is fragile and danger lurks at every step, we confront choices that shall shape our destiny. Will we betray our hearts in the name of duty, or plunge into the flames of an all-consuming love that could set realms ablaze?

In this breathtaking installment of the Stars and Shadows series, Thalia must confront her deepest fears, summon the strength to follow her desires, and embrace the power that lies within her. The kingdom’s future hangs in the balance, and the choices she makes will shape the very fabric of all she holds dear.

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A Kingdom of Stars and Shadows

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