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Blog Tour: Pride by Eva Charles

Forbidden fruit has never been sweeter…

Pride, an all-new friends-to-enemies-to-lovers, heart stopping romance and book one in A Sinful Empire Duet from Eva Charles is available now!

In our world the price of betrayal is death.

Rafael Huntsman, crown prince of a sinful empire.



Achingly beautiful.

And consumed by a chilling past.

When I was nineteen, he laid eyes on me like it was the very first time.

From that moment, I was his.

Although it wasn’t until much later, under a moonlit sky in a vineyard awash with fairy lights, that I surrendered—and

he disappeared.

Then fate intervened.

Now we’re forced together in a treacherous criminal world.

He’s still dangerously seductive, but I’m not an innocent girl anymore.

I have a secret that puts us both in peril—and there’s no going back.

Forbidden fruit has never been sweeter…

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Pre-order Wrath now, the stunning conclusion to Rafael and Lexie’s story!

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This story is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait for the conclusion. See my review of Pride for more about Rafa and Lexie’s story.

There’s only one person in the family meaner than my brother, and that’s my father. Neither of them would hesitate to send the dogs after a kid.

I’m a highly trained soldier, and I don’t hide or shirk my responsibilities. That’s for men without honor.

There’s nothing innocent about Alexis Clarke. Not a goddamn thing.

“I don’t answer to you.”

– “Like hell you don’t.”

Like it or not, tonight Alexis Clarke will be answering to me.

The worst part is that, even knowing she could be my ruin, I want her. I wanted her then. And I want her now.

Her expression is soft. Pleading. The walls are closing in, and I’m having trouble remembering why I can’t have her. Before I do something stupid, I pull my arm away to restart the elevator—and put some space between us.

I stop and turn to the beautiful woman who captured my attention when she was nineteen, with her smart mouth and the promise of sin, rousing something inside that I’d never felt before— or since. I didn’t act on it then. That didn’t happen until much later, after a long celebratory day and enough booze to make me stupid. Under a moonlit sky in a vineyard awash in fairy lights, I surrendered to the siren’s call. I’ve been paying ever since.

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