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Hot New Release – Savage King: An Arranged Marriage Enemies to Lovers Romance

Savage King: An Arranged Marriage Enemies to Lovers Romance by Deborah Garland is live!

My fiancé is the hero and the villain.

Kieran O’Rourke is sin and danger wrapped in an expensive suit. Six-foot-four, he’s ruggedly beautiful with an Irish brogue that made half the women in this town fall into his bed.

He’s a savage with no soul…and now he’s my fiancé.

My father sold me to this arrogant bastard to finance his war with the Russians. All my dreams vanished when he forced me to say ‘I do’ and slid his ring onto my finger. He stole my future and wants an obedient wife, who will give him an heir and ask no questions.

I may have been groomed to be a dutiful wife one day, but I won’t go quietly.
This is a fight for my soul and I intend to win.

During the day, my hate for him grows, but at night, he’s the star of my shameful fantasies. And I’m the only woman who can satisfy him.

I want to keep despising him, but when he ties me to the bed and ravages me with rough hands and a body made for sin, I can’t think straight.

Kieran only wants a baby from me. But I want him to love me.

And I’m keeping a secret that will destroy us both…

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Meet Deborah Garland

Deborah Garland is an Award-Winning author of emotional and funny, steamy romances!

She lives on the beautiful North Shore of Long Island with her very patient husband and their mischievous pug. She had to learn how to make her own Cosmopolitans and right now there’s a bartender who will NEVER see her again. She eats cheap mac and cheese with expensive red wine, her heroes are ALWAYS over six feet tall, and they fall, hard, HARD for the girl.
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