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Coming Soon – Savage King: An Arranged Marriage Enemies to Lovers Romance

Savage King: An Arranged Marriage Enemies to Lovers Romance is releasing May 2, 2023!

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My enemy started a war. I’ll help him finance it. By buying his daughter.

I need a wife. I need an heir. And the Italian princess, whose father is hell-bent on going to war with the Russian Bratva, is the perfect bride.

The perfect queen to prop up when both houses fall and I stand to rule all of Astoria.

She’s a headstrong, independent wildcat, and her defiance toward this forced marriage only drives my carnal urges deeper. I’ll enjoy taming her into an obedient wife.

Her father knows the man I am. He used to be my friend until we rose from the ranks and now stand as warring dons. Breaking his daughter every night in my bed as she screams my name, with her nails clawing down my back, will be the best revenge.

Isabella is a brat who dreams of freedom and I’m the villain of her nightmares. But my cold heart beats differently for the first time in years because of her and I’ll do whatever it takes to make her love me.

Including starting my own war…

Author’s note: Savage King is an 83K Astoria Royals standalone MF Forced Marriage Mafia Romance with mature themes, a nineteen-year age gap between a possessive alpha mafia husband and a virgin mafia princess. The story includes explicit content and profanity. It is recommended for mature readers only.

No cheating. No cliffhanger. HEA guaranteed.

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