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Blog Tour: A Shot Of Pretty Poison by Kelsey Clayton

I can still taste her on my lips, lingering there like a shot of pretty poison.

A Shot of Pretty Poison, an all-new angst-filled, brother’s best friend, new adult romance and the final book in the Pretty Poison Trilogy from USA Today bestselling author Kelsey Clayton is available now!

I can still taste her on my lips, lingering there like a shot of pretty poison.

I should hate her for what she did. No one would blame me for it—not even her brother. The pain I felt that day ripped me apart until all that remained was the shell of the man I used to be. And now I’m left to lie in the aftermath.

Devastating news has my life spiraling further out of control. If I don’t get a handle on it, I could end up losing it all. But nothing cuts deeper than the shards of a broken heart, and the scars that won’t fade make it hard for me to care.

Everything changed for us when tragedy struck. The events of that night still haunt all of our dreams. We think the darkest moments are behind us, leaving a black stain on our past, until we realize that this nightmare is far from over.

Someone is out there who knows our secrets and gets off on risking the lives of those I love most. You can’t trust anyone, especially when your enemies crave the taste of revenge, but we’re not going down without a fight.

I’ll burn the world to the ground before I let anyone hurt her—even if she’s responsible for hurting me.

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The pain of heartbreak is all consuming and love is nothing but a parasite. I should’ve stuck by my own rules— kept her at arm’s length. But instead, I let her take up residence inside my chest, gave her everything I had to give, and when she left, she took my heart with her. 

I’m cold. 

I’m empty. 

I’m a broken shell of a man. 

And her ? Well, I’d guess she’s God-knows-where, living out her life like we didn’t spend the summer falling in love with each other. Little did I know, she could fly. 

But I hit the ground.

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