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When our date ends in disaster, the last thing I expect is for Will to ask me for a favor. 

And what I really don’t expect is to say yes.

Scoring Chance, an all new stand alone hockey romance with a feisty heroine and a virgin hero from Bestselling author Andi Burns is available now!


Freshman year is going to be my year. 

I’m no longer the ugly duckling I used to be. Thanks to a late growth spurt and a nasty puck to the face that knocked my buck teeth right out of my head, I no longer resemble the awkward kid I once was. 

As Bainbridge Hockey’s newest center, I’m gonna enjoy every bit of attention the ladies of Bainbridge want to give me. 

But I soon find out that looking the part is only half the battle. And if I want to lose my virginity before I make it to the big leagues, I’m going to need to learn the fine art of dating. Or at least how to kiss without being compared to a dying jellyfish. So that means I need help. 

But they don’t make tutors for dating. Do they?


Senior year is off to a rough start. 

One of my best friends has moved on to grad school, and my other best friend spends all her free time with her boyfriend. 

And my boyfriend? Oh, he’s a lying, cheating jerk. I learned that the hard way when I caught him in bed with his wife.

Looking back, it’s clear that my ex lied about everything and I wasted almost a year of my life with him. Dating a professor wasn’t my smartest move, but I’m wiser now, and I’ve made a promise to myself: no more relationships. 

So when my friends surprise me at the charity bachelor auction and buy me a date with a hot young hockey player, I’m less than thrilled. I mean, he’s nice to look at, but I’m not in the market for anything more than a hookup. 

When our date ends in disaster, the last thing I expect is for Will to ask me for a favor. And what I really don’t expect is to say yes.

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“Are you listening to a word I say?”  

I get my answer when Cammie starts clapping her hands together. “Oh my God, Mel. Who’s the tall guy?”

I don’t bother looking up from the counter I’m wiping down. “What do you mean, who’s the tall guy? They’re all tall. But the tallest one is Santos.” 

“This guy’s almost as tall. And he’s new. I’d definitely remember seeing him around. Holy crap, he’s beautiful.” 

I look up to see who the hell has Cammie so smitten and I spot our topic of conversation right away. Holy. Shit. She wasn’t kidding. This guy’s like a walking advertisement for sex. Yeah, Van’s known around campus as the hot one, and Ollie’s never short on admirers, but this guy’s on a whole different level. His broad shoulders taper to a narrow waist. His butt is a work of art. Soft, faded jeans hug his ass and thighs and dear god, I want to take a bite. What the hell is wrong with me? New Hot Guy looks up and I get a glimpse of his face. It does not disappoint. He’s got a strong jaw covered in a day’s worth of stubble. His nose is crooked–the sign of a good hockey player–and his eyes are a piercing blue, so dark they’re almost navy. His hair is cut short, but the top’s a little overgrown, the dark chocolate strands falling into his line of vision. It’s the lips for me, though. God, they’re unreal. Pouty and perfect and totally kissable.

“Uh, what the hell? I mean, I’m not complaining–trust me–but what the hell?”

“I know– I probably shouldn’t have kissed you like that, but I had a good reason.” 

He leans back against the wall and shrugs. “It’s the dimple, right?” he jokes, smiling. 

“It’s a hell of a dimple,”

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