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Coming Soon: Scandalous by Cala Riley

Scandalous by Cala Riley

Scandalous by Cala Riley is releasing March 23, 2023!

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Scandalous (adjective)- causing general public outrage by a perceived offense against morality or law.

My life has been a series of disappointments. That is until one of my social media posts goes viral, setting me up to be an influencer.
I love what I do. Especially when they pop up on my radar.
Their fans call them the United Nations.
I call them sin incarnate.
Santiago Garcia, Ezra Morgan, Drake Kennedy, and Liam Bennett have been the stars of my fantasies since I first laid eyes on them.
The more I get to know each of them, the further I fall into the wonderfully chaotic world they have weaved for me.
The only problem is, I cannot choose only one of them. I want them all.
I never meant to cause a scandal, but you know what they say though the best-laid plans aren’t without obstacles.

Scandalous is a standalone why choose novel. That means our heroine will end up with four men who each love and care for her. Please also be sure to check our website for more information regarding triggers. This book features some spicier content that may be questionable for some. This book also contains MM elements.

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