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Cover Reveal: Total Obsession by Ivy Wild

It’s her. Only. Always. Forever.

Total Obsession, an all-new intense, angst-filled dark romance from USA Today bestselling author Ivy Wild is coming March 2nd, and we have your FIRST look at the stunning cover!

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Photographer: miguelanxophoto

Model: Onofre Contreras

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Fifteen years ago

I said the cruelest things to him

and then he disappeared.

I moved on, became a model,

and am about to star in a new television series.

Then one day he shows up backstage,

and we can’t deny the chemistry.

He’s so much different than he was back then.

He’s intense, commanding, and extremely possessive.

He says what happened is all water under the bridge.

Then, why do I feel like I’m drowning in him?


I’ve been planning this for fifteen years.

Ever since she betrayed me,

I watched her, helped build up her career and her life,

all with a singular purpose in mind.


Give everything to her,

and then take it all away.

That was always the plan.

Except now that I’m close to her,

I’m starting to question everything.

She’s my total obsession

and not the healthy kind.

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