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Thirsty Thursday

My TBR is stacked with so many goodies, I don’t know where to start. But that never stops me from adding to the list. I keep wondering if there’s a point when Amazon will decide my little corner of the kindle cloud has a limit . . .

There’s not enough time in the day to read all the books, but I give it my best shot. It’s not easy sometimes though. Have you ever gone to a fantastic restaurant but had trouble ordering because everything looks so good, you just can’t make up your mind? That’s my fatal flaw. Seriously. If I ever get murdered, it will be at the hands of a hungry dinner companion. They’ll snap after running out of patience. This is normally the only area of life where I have difficulty making decisions but it’s quickly becoming a thing in my book realm.

There are too many good books to choose from at any given moment. Which one do I want first — a filthy stepbrother from Nicole Snow or an unexpected sequel to a hidden gem? Am I in the mood for an angst-fest or a grumpy single dad? This is just a few of my newest buys and some upcoming releases I’m waiting for impatiently. A couple of books were struck from the list because they were so disappointing, I just DNF, it was too painful. There was one in particular I’d been looking forward to for MONTHS so that was a bummer.

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Did Not Finish

A Cosmic Kind of Love by Samantha Young

I was SO excited to read this because the premise was fun and different, but it was a huge let down. The characters aren’t interesting and the writing style doesn’t work for me. It seemed like the author was more interested in labeling characters than in building them so while the cast is diverse as described, nothing about any of them made me care what happened. I started giving up around 20% and skimmed through to 50%, hoping to find something to pull me in, but nope.

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