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Coming Soon: Dark Princess by Tracy Lorraine

DARK PRINCESS, the #11th book in the Knights Ridge series, by @tracylorraineauthor! Is coming July 28th! 

Preorder today!!

Dark Halloween Knight FREE prequel:


His voice is too low to hear what he’s saying, but it doesn’t matter. His body language says it all and it’s like a f*@king knife to the chest.  

The bacon is forgotten as I watch them. Their familiarity, the easy way they talk and react to each other.  

Jealousy bubbles up inside me until I’m barely able to contain it.  

My fingers ache to reach for my g*n that’s tucked into my waistband, to put an end to the way he’s looking at her as if she’s his everything.  

She’s not.  

She’s mine.

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