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Coming Soon: You Kissed Me First by Cala Riley

You Kissed Me First by Cala Riley is releasing July 20, 2022!

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A fourteen day Caribbean Cruise with my sister and her entire wedding party.
Sounds like Heaven, right?
Except Barrett, her fiancés brother, also happens to be the jerk who cheated on me a month before the wedding, leaving me to scramble to find a new roommate.
As if the universe hates me, the only room available is with the groom’s best friend, Dominic, who is a womanizing, arrogant player.
Could things get any worse?

Spending two weeks on a ship with my best friend, celebrating his upcoming nuptials, should have been a vacation to die for.
Except, for the fact that he is on this vessel too.
Barrett, my best friend’s little brother who has had a vendetta against me since we were kids.
When he spouts his mouth off about his gorgeous ex, Katie, I can’t help but defend my new roomie.
The problem is now Kate isn’t only my roomie, she’s my fake girlfriend.
What else could go wrong?

You know what they say, be careful what you wish for.

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