Doctors of Eastport General Complete Collection

Series Title: Doctors of Eastport General

Cover Designer: Thunderstruck Cover Design

AUTHORS: D.M. Davis, Amy Stephens, CA King, E.M. Shue, Syd Ryan, DC Renee, TL Mayhew, Mel Walker, Anjelica Grace, Emma Nichole, Amanda Richardson, Adora Crooks, S.L. Sterling

Genres and Tropes: Second Chance, Doctor-Patient, Reunited Lovers, Single Parent, Older Brothers Best Friend, Friends to Lovers, Soul Mates, Age Gap, Stepbrother Romance, Accidental Pregnancy, Next Door Romance, Workplace Romance

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/series/326453-doctors-of-eastport-general

Series Blurb:

Welcome to Eastport, Rhode Island a bustling city and home to Eastport General Hospital.

Doctors of Eastport General is a brand-new Contemporary Romance series. Get ready for all the naughty nurses, dirty doctors and patient shenanigans that take place in Eastport General.

The Doctors of Eastport General gives you a taste of 13 new books in a shared world experience. All books are standalone but may include crossover in character and locations.

Join us now and be ready when the series releases in February 2022.

Series Titles & Buy Links (Kindle Unlimited):

D.M. Davis – Doctor Heartbreak → https://geni.us/DoctorHeartbreak

Amy Stephens – Doctor Feelgood → https://geni.us/DoctorFeelgood

CA King – Doctor D’s Orderly Affair → https://geni.us/DoctorDsOrderlyAffair

E.M. Shue – Doctor Trouble → https://geni.us/DoctorTrouble

Syd Ryan -Doctor Temptation → https://amzn.to/3sTqLcV

DC Renee – Dueling Doctors → https://amzn.to/3v3y30C

TL Mayhew – Doctor Sexy → https://geni.us/DoctorSexy

Mel Walker – Doctor Fix-It → https://geni.us/DoctorFixIt

Anjelica Grace – Doctor One of a Kind → https://amzn.to/3LYoHZM

Emma Nichole – Doctor Casanova → https://geni.us/DoctorCasanova

Amanda Richardson – Dirty Doctor → https://geni.us/DirtyDoctor

Adora Crooks – Doctor All Nighter → https://geni.us/DoctorAllNighter

S.L. Sterling – Doctor Desire → https://geni.us/DoctorDesire

Praise for the Series on Amazon:

Doctor Heartbreak – “This story is short and sweet. The characters are developed and the plot of the story is engaging that you have to read this in one go.”

Doctor Feelgood – “What a great short book. Loved it. Intimate, yet comfortable. Serious, yet loving. Doc is a nice guy and she is too. Good couple.”

Doctor D’s Orderly Affair – “There are a few good words to describe this book. Hot! Steamy! Funny, the laugh out loud kind as well as Heartfelt.”

Doctor Trouble – “On point with the romance and suspense”

Doctor Temptation – “Grace & Hayden had terrific banter & chemistry. I enjoyed their journey.”

Dueling Doctors – “​​Oh my gosh you had me at the opening line. This was a fun read.”

Doctor Sexy – “Oh this was so good!! Jax was definitely Dr. Sexy! He was the doctor that every woman wants! Once he was on board, he was all in! Claire didn’t stand a chance.”

Doctor Fix-It – “Oh my word what a ride. I absolutely LOVED this book.”

Doctor One of a Kind – “I loved cooper he is one of my favorite hero’s of all time!! This story is full of angst and love! This story tugs at your heartstrings!”

Doctor Casanova – “Fun, quick read with plenty of giggles and a great best friend who gives plenty of great real talk.”

Dirty Doctor – “I loved every minute of this book. While the story is short, the character development is phenomenal. And the epilogue is just perfect!”

Doctor All Nighter – “Adora Crooks is one amazing storyteller. This story is fun, exciting, and full of so much love. She gives you just the right amount of sex to want you asking for more.”

Doctor Desire – “…a very romantic story with just a small amount of drama. This is the kind story that doesn’t take long to read and has “feel good” all over it.”

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