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Coming Soon: The Love Playbook by Jerica MacMillan

The Love Playbook by Jerica MacMillan is releasing March 10, 2022!

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Jackson Lancaster is a mystery. At least to me.

He’s not your typical jock at all—shy, studious, and apparently not looking to get all the action he can.

I know, I know, stereotypes are bad. But if the shoe fits …

Except in this case, it doesn’t. At all. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jackson with anyone, male, female, or otherwise.

When I learn that it’s lack of experience holding him back—not lack of interest, and definitely not lack of opportunity—I find myself drawn to the idea of helping him out.

I’ve been looking for a project. And it seems like teaching Jackson the ways of love and pleasure is just the project I need.

The Love Playbook is a standalone love tutor romance featuring a shy, straight-laced football player and the off beat woman who turns his world upside down. HEA guaranteed!

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