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Teaser: Runaway by Ivy Smoak

#TeaserTuesday #EHR Runaway comes out March 10th! And this is the longest teaser yet! It’s also the 1st of the month so I’ll be live tonight at 9pm ET on my FB page answering all your questions >***“You don’t know Isabella like I do. You need to stay dead, or you’ll actually be dead. Do you understand me? I’m protecting you. I’m doing the best job I can under impossible circumstances. So you will stay here for as long as I say you’ll stay here. And you’ll have no contact with the outside world, other than with me. Do I make myself clear?”I could feel the tears spilling down my cheeks. My father was usually kind to me when he wasn’t snatching organs. But I’d seen him mad like this before. Like the anger was oozing out of him. He was probably seconds away from breaking his cane in half.I’d lost this argument. Because I was too scared of him to continue it. But it didn’t matter. None of it mattered. I wasn’t staying here. I’d figure a way to get out. And I’d run to Matt. I’d tell him I was sorry. I’d apologize to Kennedy too. I’d apologize to everyone.***Do you think Mr. Pruitt is actually trying to protect Brooklyn?Pre-order your copy of Runaway today:

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