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Currently Reading: Two Pretty Lies by K.L. Clare

Two Pretty Lies by K.L. Clare is releasing February 1, 2022!

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A pretty math prodigy with hidden desires… and secrets.
A ruthless British mercenary with dark cravings.
A dangerous new tale of forbidden love.

She sits alone in a coffeehouse, unaware of what she’s doing to me. Katie, the one with the innocent eyes. My longing for her is as painful as she is beautiful. That glorious ache becomes my weakness, my sweet addiction.
I agreed to Katie’s terms without questions, promising not to research her background because I was desperate for her touch. If she were anyone else, her lies would have incited my anger when I learned about her identity. But I only wanted her more.

I’m a man who takes what he wants.
And I have no intention of letting her go.
Fans of Skye Warren will find their next addicting read in TWO PRETTY LIES, an All the Lies age-gap standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author K.L. Clare.

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