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Savage (adjective):

1) Not domesticated; wild and untamed

2) A brutal or vicious person

3) Malek Antonov

The Savage, the highly anticipated third standalone in the must-read Queens & Monsters mafia series from bestselling author J.T. Geissinger is now available in audio, narrated by Troy Duran, Brooke Daniels and Michelle Sparks! 

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He’s a myth. A ghost. A legend.

A Bratva assassin so feared, some won’t even dare to speak his name.

He comes in search of vengeance for the death of his brother, but what he finds instead is me.

A girl he thinks is someone else.

Someone unrelated to the man who killed his brother.

Except I am.

And when he finds out my true identity, he decides to take me as repayment for what he lost.

Now, I’m a little bird trapped in a cage, and the only way to survive is to make friends with the monster who captured me.

But friendship isn’t what the monster has in mind.

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