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Coming Soon: Beautiful Submission by Ivy Wild


“She’s so very good at being bad.”

Beautiful Submission, an all-new standalone enemies-to-lovers romance from Ivy Wild is coming December 3rd and we have the stunning trailer for you! 

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My truth is control. 

My truth is that good is rewarded 

and that bad is punished. 

Aubrey Knight thought she could disrupt my business 

and get away with it. 

But, she was sorely mistaken. 

So, when her father lost the election 

and came to me begging for money I struck a deal. 

The little brat would serve as collateral until the loan was repaid. 

She thinks she can test me. 

How laughable. 

She will submit to me, 

and it will be a beautiful submission.


I will never submit to him.

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