Coming Soon: Veritas by A.L. Woods

Veritas by A.L. Woods

Veritas by A.L. Woods is releasing October 6, 2021!

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A steamy enemies-to-lovers single dad romance from bestselling author, A.L. Woods.


It was supposed to be a fling.

A one-night stand.

Then Jordan Kovacs asked for more.

A date. I don’t date.

While he showered, I left.

The end.

Or so I thought. I have a problem.

My ex-friend with benefits is getting married.

And I can’t get out of going—long story.

I need an arrangement I can understand from a man who only had me for a night.

But Jordan has other plans for me.

Things that will tip the scales in his favor.


A tryst was what she was looking for.

A date was what I wanted.

A chance.

I understand Maria Tavares.

She’s a beautiful lie.

Now she needs something from me: a favor.

So I’ll function in a way she can understand: an arrangement.

Three months.

All in. Strings attached. No interferences. Titles exchanged.

The plan is simple, with only one rule—veritas.

Let’s see if Maria’s ex-friend with benefits understands that, too.

Veritas by AL Woods

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