Currently Reading: The Spark Between Us by Stacy Travis

The Spark Between Us by Stacy Travis

When I move to small town Carolwood, I don’t expect to run into a hot-as-sin firefighter with smoldering gray eyes and eight-pack abs. Literally. With my car. Doesn’t help matters that Braden Michaels is my brother’s best friend. And my new roommate. 

He’s too busy putting out blazes and igniting them in the hearts of women to pay much attention to me. I’m just here for work—six months of nerding out at a world-renowned science lab, then going home to a nice promotion and the boring men in my comfort zone. 

I’m not here for a rescue fantasy, a fire station pole dance, or a romantic walk in a vineyard. I’m certainly not here to fall in love.

Until one earth-shattering night when we collide in a ball of white-hot sparks, and everything changes. We’re no longer just roommates. I don’t know what we are. But edging open Braden’s complicated heart knocks something loose in mine. All my plans and scientific facts start to pale in comparison with feelings I can’t control. 

My time here has an expiration date and neither one of us wants to get hurt. Rushing into a burning building seems less risky than chasing the spark between us. Maybe it’s smarter to walk away. Or maybe I’ve found the one reason to stay.

We’ll either fall in love or we’ll go down in flames.

The Spark Between Us is Sarah and Braden’s story in the Berkeley Hills series and is an opposites attract STANDALONE novel.

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The Spark Between Us by Stacy Travis

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