Filthy by Serena Akeroyd

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Filthy by Serena Akeroyd

She captivates me the second I lay eyes on her.

Everything about her is pure, delicate beauty, and in my world, those things are commodities.

Even Aoife can be bought and sold. Even Aoife has secrets that will see her getting into bed with the Irish Mob to protect.

The truth won’t set her free, it will entangle her deeper in my web.

Exactly where I want her.

One taste was all it took.

She’s mine.

Whether she likes it or not…

This is Finn O’Grady’s story.

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Wildfire by Suzanne Cass

She’s reckless and damaged.
He’s the only decent thing in her life.
A deadly arsonist attack. Who’ll be next?

Cat Lawson is called back to Stargazer Ranch by a hard-to-refuse job offer, but the first person she comes across is the very last person she wants to see.

Levi Wilson rues the day he ever met Cat. She was the girl of his dreams who abandoned him six months ago. Now she’s back.

On the day of Cat’s return, a luxury cabin is set on fire and Cat becomes suspect number one. Levi knows he can’t trust her; but then his head never did agree with his heart. One thing he does know, however, is that Cat is no arsonist, and against his better instincts he becomes a friend and champion in her time of need.

Surely, he can’t be falling for her again, can he?

Cat finds herself irresistibly drawn to Levi once more. He’s the only one who can see through her reckless behavior to her damaged soul. But commitment was never one of her strong points and he deserves better. Which was the whole reason she left him in the first place.

When Cat is caught in a wildfire, she knows there’s a killer stalking her. As the flames race up the mountain, time is running out for Levi as he tries desperately to save the woman who means everything.

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Mafia's Dirty Secret by Summer Cooper - Mafia's Obsession book 1

She was the girl everyone tried to avoid.
He was the out-of-towner who knew nothing about her.

Matteo didn’t look at Marie the way others did… like she was a dirty little tart.

She didn’t know much about him, not even the kind of business he was in.
But someone like him didn’t belong in her world — she knew that much.
He belonged in glossy magazines, TV, and movies.
He belonged in her dreams.

Yet somehow, he noticed her.

To her, he was a bright light in her miserable life.
Because of him, she now knew that she could be happy.

But what if he found out the truth?
What everyone in town says about her, about her mother…
Good things never really happen to someone like her, do they?

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Enthrall by ZL Arkadie

She’s innocent. He’s not. But she has an itch only he can scratch.

Jada Forte is down on her luck. She lost her job, rent is due, and her bank account is in the red. But then she receives a job offer that’s too good to be true. Now, she finds herself across the country at a secluded ranch, working for an enigmatic billionaire with a bad reputation. However, this good girl never counted on her tall, dark, and handsome boss, being the one man she can’t resist. Yet, the longer she’s there, the more she’s sure he’s hiding something. Discovery is in the air, and in more ways than one.

Spencer Christmas hired Jada Forte for two reasons. Her resume was solid, and she’s the daughter of one of the dirtiest politicians he knows, which means she should know how to keep a secret. However, he never expected his beautiful young assistant to awaken parts of him that have been dormant for years. But Spencer hadn’t exiled himself to the middle of Nowhere for nothing. Jada’s presence is too distracting. He should send her away. Except, he just can’t get enough of her.

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Only With You by Lea Coll - Annapolis Harbor book 1

First I turned down a marriage proposal, then I moved to Annapolis to open a law firm. I thought my world couldn’t change any more…

Until Cade stepped into my office, smelling of sawdust with his company’s T-shirt stretched taut over his chest and biceps. Everything about him was handsome and completely off-limits.

But I can’t risk the business I sunk my savings into by dating a client, and he won’t risk his heart.

The more we spend time together, the more I want him. Even if a relationship between us was possible, how can he give me all of him?

After my wife died, I swore off dating. I threw myself into my charity instead. It was easy at first, but I can’t ignore my attraction anymore.

Hadley comes from a wealthy family that operates with manipulation, lies, and deceit. I don’t fit into her world, but the closer we get, the more I wanted to show her how things could be different.

I never thought I’d meet someone who gave me hope for a future. One full of possibilities, love, and maybe even marriage and kids.

But how can I promise her forever when I know love doesn’t last?

Only With You on Amazon

Burn For Me by JH Croix - Into The Fire book 1

One alpha man. One sassy woman. A fire that won’t die.

Once upon a time, Amelia was my everything. Until I lost her. Now I have a second chance, and I want her back. She’s never forgiven me for something I didn’t even do.

I’ve never forgiven her for believing the worst. One look and the years apart go up in smoke. She’s all I ever wanted. A snappy attitude and the nerve to bring me to my knees. We have seven years of bitterness tangled up between us. Yet, I can’t stay away.

The fire burns too hot. She’ll be mine. For keeps this time.

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Damaged by Riley Edwards - Triple Canopy book 1

She promised her love would set him free. He promised he’d break her. They were both right.

Brady Hewitt was all too familiar with the horrors of war. They clung to him, or maybe he clung to them, using the nightmares as an excuse to keep others at bay—especially his boss’s daughter, Hadley Walker. Beautiful, sexy, ambitious, and forbidden. Not just because the former Special Forces soldier respected her father and liked his job. She was too good for him—all sunshine and smiles while he was darkness and filth.

Hadley Walker knew all about love—how it felt, its power, and its ability to heal. Her parents taught her first, then her uncles, cousins, and siblings. Her family taught her something else—never quit, never retreat, and never turn your back on those you love. Hadley’s mission was simple—convince the man she’d fallen in love with to take a chance. But winning the battle wouldn’t be simple. Brady Hewitt was as stubborn as he was traumatized, clutching to his demons and refusing to let them go. Though Hadley’s persistence gave her a tactical advantage—the more she pushed, the more he wanted to believe.

Just as Hadley’s winning the war, with Brady teetering on the edge of all the beauty they could share, disaster strikes. Ugliness wraps itself around Brady’s heart and he shuts down. Leaving Hadley with one last question: who was right—her or Brady?

Does love conquer all, or are there some nightmares that never let go?

Damaged on Amazon

Cormac by Jane Henry

They promised me as tribute.

Youngest of six, I’m untouched. 


And in the world of the Irish mafia…


I’m given to a man I’ve never met.

Forced into a union I didn’t condone.

Owned by a dangerous rival.

He may take what’s his, but he won’t steal my heart.

Cormac on Amazon

Ethan by Dale Mayer - The K9 Files book 1

When one door closes … second chances open another …

Ethan was lost after a major accident abruptly shifted him from a military life to a civilian one, from working with dogs to odd jobs … In that time, he’d spent months healing from his physical injuries. When he connects with Badger and the rest of his Titanium Corp. group of former SEALs, Badger offers Ethan an opportunity he can’t refuse. A chance to do the work he used to do … with a twist.

Cinnamon works from home as a project manager plus is heavily involved in global dog rescues—dogs of all kinds. When Ethan walks into the next door’s vet’s office with an injured shepherd in his arms, she sees another lost soul—just like the canine ones she helps.

Ethan knows he’s about to take a dangerous step, but he’s on the job, and no one—on the job or not—hurts animals while he’s around. This poor shepherd has taken enough abuse, and Ethan fears she is only the tip of a nightmare he’s determined to uncover. But he knows she’s going to lead him in the right direction. He has his sights set on saving one dog in particular, Sentry: K9 File 01.

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The Costello's Vengeance by Noah Maddix and Raven Scott

A bratva princess. A mafia prince. A brewing war that could destroy two families.
 My father betrayed the Costellos.
 Now, I’m the one who will pay for his sins.
 I’ve become a pawn in the game between the warning families.
 And Vincent Costello is determined to use me any way he sits fit.

He takes me in the dead of night, holding me against my will despite my best efforts to break free.
 The cold, ruthless, intelligent Costello prince will protect his father’s kingdom at any cost—no matter what it does to me.

Only he’s so much more than those things.
Charming. Charismatic. Irresistible.
I find myself torn between family ties and love.

And when I learn I’m carrying Vincent’s child, it changes everything.
 The Petrovas won’t let my abduction go unanswered.
 This war will cross oceans and blur lines we thought wouldn’t be crossed.
 People I love will be caught in the cross-fire.

Bullets will fly.
 Hearts will be broken.
 A new life will be born—one that will could destroy both families—and us—in the process.

The Costello's Vengeance on Amazon

Shattered Diamonds by Ann Omasta

She let everyone down. He stunned the people of their small town. Can these broken souls heal each other or are some scars too deep to mend?

Josie Michaels has dedicated her entire life to winning an Olympic gold medal. When an injury steals her ability to swim competitively, her entire life crashes down around her.

Alex Biggs is a heartbroken father doing his best to raise a happy, healthy little girl, even though he is in the center of the biggest scandal the seaside Maine town of Brunswick Bay Harbor has ever seen––his wife, Claire, is missing and almost everyone thinks he’s behind her disappearance.

Josie needs a job, and the only one she’s qualified for is being a nanny to Alex’s adorable daughter, Hannah. Will working for the town’s most notorious murder suspect bring Jo the purpose she craves, or will it prove to be a deadly mistake?

Fans of Bella Andre, Marie Force, and Melissa Foster are sure to enjoy this page-turning contemporary romance series.

Shattered Diamonds on Amazon

Shadowed Rubies by Ann Omasta

I’m lost in the woods…
Our town’s infamous kidnapper just found me…
And my apartment’s on fire with my sweet dog, Bruiser, inside…

Dr. Danica Waters had valid reasons for moving away from her quaint hometown of Brunswick Bay Harbor, Maine.

Sexy firefighter, Max Malone, is a prime example of the judgmental jerks who made her want to leave and never look back.

When dire circumstances force brilliant Dani to return to the seaside village where she grew up and faced near-constant ridicule, she needs to prove that her tormentors didn’t win.

Notorious bad-boy, Max, keeps rescuing Dr. Waters from precarious situations, but the curvy stunner seems immune to his charm––even when a tragic fire and the local fugitive bring Dani, Max, and their entire coastal Maine town together in surprising ways.

Shadowed Rubies on Amazon

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