Wild Spirt by Audrey Carlan
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Currently Reading: Wild Spirit by Audrey Carlan

When I was born, I was beloved by my parents. I felt their warmth from the tips of my toes to the untamable curls in my hair—until tragedy hit and I lost them both. 

With no extended family, I ended up in Kerrighan House, a home for girls just like me—girls who’d lost everything. Mama Kerri took me in and treated me with nothing but love, as did the rest of my sisters of the soul. In that house, we formed a bond that could never be broken.  

Now danger seems to follow all of us. But what danger could come to me: a petite, high-school Spanish teacher who’d never hurt a fly? The only one on my tail is Omar Alvarado, the bodyguard hired to protect me from the danger lurking around my sisters. The more I shun his advances though, the harder he tries to earn my favor. Omar seems to like my brand of sass and doesn’t hide the fact he wants me for his own. 

I’m determined to not get caught up in his beautiful smile, the sexy suggestions he whispers in my ear, or that incredible body that would make any woman swoon with desire. 

Even with the tension rising between us, all seemed to be kept in check—until I found myself in the middle of a high stakes bank robbery.  

And the only one who could save me, was the one man I tried so desperately to push away. 

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Wild Spirt by Audrey Carlan

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