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Storm by Serena Akeroyd
You hate me.
I deserve it.

Storm, a dark and dirty MC romance from Serena Akeroyd, is available now!

The day I betrayed the love of my life was the day I lived up to every messed-up thing my haters said about me. 
But I’m tired of feeling like a POS. 
I’m tired of being broken. 
I’m tired of life not being worth living. 
It’s time now to make amends, and to earn my woman’s love back. 
To be the father my kid deserves, 
the Old Man I should always have been. 

Join me for the ride as I become worthy of my family.  
Maybe, just maybe, I’ll surprise you! 
Download your copy today! 
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“You could have come to me,” she mumbled miserably. “I could have helped.”

“How?” I countered. “It was ridiculous. Crazy.” I pulled back. “I got weak. I got stupid. I got reckless. When shit got hard, and I wanted to get high, I’d jack off instead. The sex . . .” I ground my teeth. “It didn’t happen as often as you think. When it did, it was after a meltdown, after I got high.

“I’ll never be able to earn your forgiveness, Keira. Never. And that’s okay.” I released a shaky breath. “I realized that tonight. You don’t have to forgive me, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying. I won’t. I’ll never stop. If I have to spend the rest of my life— It doesn’t matter. Nothing does apart from you and Cyan.”

“Does it hurt?”

I frowned. “Jacking off twenty times a day?”

“No.” Her voice was small. “I asked you before and you said no, but I don’t believe you. The padlock . . . does it hurt?”

It hadn’t back then. But I’d upped the gauge with another custom-built device.

“Yes.” It fucking ached like a son of a bitch.

“So, instead of drugs, and rather than jack off or fuck to escape the drugs, you’re self-harming?”

“It’s working.”

“You’re self-harming,” she repeated grittily.

“I haven’t had sex in months. I haven’t jacked off in months either. It’s working, Keira.”

“It’s not a sustainable solution.”

“It’s breaking the habit. I won’t cheat on you again. I won’t. I can’t.”

“Even if I never take you back? Even when I get a boyfriend?”

My jaw ached with how hard I clenched down. “Even then.”

A shocked breath escaped her. “Why are you doing this? Why now?”

“Because you leaving me . . . I hit rock bottom. I’ve been there so many fucking times, K. So many times. I’m so sick of being on the ground, looking up. Trying to fix my fuck ups, to make shit right. I can’t do it again. I can’t. I can’t want to end it all again—”

“Suicide?” she interrupted, a horrified gasp to her words.

“You’ve no idea how many times I almost tried. I don’t want you to know. I just . . . I did the best I could, and that was nothing in comparison to what you brought to our family. I let you down. I let Cy down. But I won’t do it again.”

The sound of an engine rumbled to life, half pipes with it, and when a solitary light pierced the kitchen window, I wasn’t altogether surprised that the biker was coming to our house. I’d given the security guard a heads up to let a brother through the gates, just in case Rex or Digger arrived, but now wasn’t the best timing.

Not when, finally, I felt like Keira saw me for what I truly was.

A nothing.

A nobody.

An addict.



And yet she still held me.

She didn’t push away from me.

She didn’t act as if my touch were poison to her.

I swallowed, affected more than she could know by her generosity, her selflessness.

How didn’t she realize how perfect she was?

How beautiful a person she was?

It hurt me. It physically hurt me. Which was why, there and then, I vowed that would be part of my recovery too.

I’d fix me, I’d try to fix us, but I’d fix her as well.

She was the priority.

She was always the priority.

Serena Akeroyd
About Serena
I’m a romance bookaholic and I won’t touch a book unless I know there’s a happy ending. This addiction is what made me craft stories that suit my voracious need for raunchy romance.  I love twists and unexpected turns, and my novels all contain sexy guys, dark humor, and hot AF love scenes.

I write MF, Menage, and Reverse Harem (also known as Why Choose romance,) in both contemporary and paranormal. Some of my stories are darker than others, but I can promise you one thing, you will always get the happy ending your heart needs! 

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