Go For Broke: A Cady Blackwell Mystery by Daisy Knox

Go For Broke: Meet Cady Blackwell

Coming September 9, 2021

In this romantic thriller, Cady Blackwell is a good girl who has always played it safe and never taken chances but her life is complicated and disappointing nonetheless. She has an annoying stalker, a sketchy job and has sworn off dating after a long string of losers. Cady needs a new job but not until she finds a way to protect herself; She knows it’s only a matter of time until the company gets busted for their white-collar crimes and they might try to blame it on her so she can’t leave until she finds a way to protect herself from any future accusations.

Besides straightening out her career and a dating hiatus, Cady has no idea what she wants from life but is determined to figure it out. She decides to be more impulsive and follow her instincts for a change, doing what she wants instead of what’s expected of her. When a sensational murder suggests that her stalker may be more dangerous than suspected, Cady contacts a local reporter covering the story for information. He’s tracking a serial killer and Cady decides they may be able to help one another, even if she’s not sure he can be trusted.

Cady’s in way over her head, with no experience playing detective and no idea who to trust. She’s fighting off the advances of a rich investment mogul and determined to ignore a sexy playboy on the periphery of her investigation. The last thing she wants is to fall in love because a distraction like that could end up costing her life. Cady has to save herself and her only chance for survival is to put all of her faith in the instincts she’s never trusted before. It’s time to go for broke and it will either save her or cost her everything, there’s no middle ground.

Cady Blackwell and the men of Go For Broke

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