Go For Broke: A Cady Blackwell Mystery by Daisy Knox

Go For Broke: Friend or Foe?

Or something else entirely?

When a gruesome murder happens close to home, she can’t help but wonder if there’s something else going on, something far more dangerous. Playing detective invites a whole slew of strangers into her life and she has no idea who to trust.

Daniel Abbott is an investigative reporter and all-round nice guy. Quiet and reserved, he seems so genuine, but that’s the perfect persona to hide behind. Is that why he’s working so hard to catch a killer? To keep everyone off of his trail? Cady thinks they could help each other, but will trusting him end up being her biggest regret?

Trevor Maines is the whole package: successful, handsome, wealthy and head-over-heels for Cady. He’s a great catch and a safe bet, according to her friends. Maybe her streak of dating losers is finally coming to an end, if her stalker doesn’t scare him away first. She’d like to see where this could go, but letting him into her life could make him the killer’s next target.

Zack Strozzi is the gorgeous investigator who’s supposed to watch her back, but he’s repeatedly proven to be less than dependable. Cady’s instincts are screaming to stay away, but her body wants him bad. Giving in may lead to a fun fling or could cost her life. Is it really worth taking the chance?

The smart move would be to stay away from all three, but one of them isn’t going to let that happen without the fight of her life.

Go For Broke by Daisy Knox

Cady Blackwell and the men of Go For Broke

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