My Name Is Cady Blackwell
Cady Blackwell, Contemporary Romance, Go For Broke, Mystery, Romance Readers, Series, Suspense, Thriller

Go for Broke: My Name Is Cady Blackwell

My Name Is Cady Blackwell
My name is Cady Blackwell and this is my life

I work for a shady construction company that cheats people and I’m struggling to find a way out before becoming a scapegoat. I recently acquired a stalker and assume he’s one of the many people Allen Brothers Construction has ripped off. After all, I’m the one fielding the angry calls when a check is late or short or not coming at all.

Things are crazy but I’ve been taking it all in stride until today, when I learn there’s been a brutal murder in my neighborhood and the victims were receiving threatening calls. Nobody seems to think there could be a connection but my gut is telling me to pay attention. My instincts are usually wrong when I need them most, but maybe I should give them another chance, it could save my life.

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