Lost Souls

Sitting on this rock with my bottle in my hand
Thinking about all the things that I don’t understand

Wondering why you left me and where you’re going to
Trying to get my priorities straight but all I want is you

Ain’t got no job, no money a’tall, not a dollar for a drink
None of it matters anyway, I just don’t know what to think

No plans, no goals, no destination, my perspective is so skewed
Can’t function in this isolation, can’t imagine life without you

Now my bottle’s empty, just like my heart and soul
If only I could make sense of it all, but my head is just too full

Thoughts of you descend on me, desperation for your eyes
Like the soul cast into limbo merely glimpsing paradise

I know I’ll never sleep again, I just can’t sleep alone
Without you part of me is gone and no place’ll ever feel like home

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