is it real?

As I walk along this path
I wonder all the while
Traipsing along contentedly
With nothing but a smile

Wand’ring as a minstrel
Easy and carefree
Contemplative, lost in myself
Exhilarated to just be

Contented with the state of things
Of all I have worked for
Never missing, never wanting
Not realizing that there’s more

As the trail winds ‘round
I come upon a space
Peaceful and so comforting
Truly divine, this place

Serenity and pleasure
Envelope this small glen
Blissful aura permeates 
Like no place I’ve yet been

Grasping firmly it reaches out
And pulls me deeply in
Wrapping me in security
A new life to begin

I never knew this world existed
Never imagined it could be
Cannot contain my rapture
That this paradise has found me

Drawn in without pretense
A trust so pure and true
Brimming with blind faith
Sensations all so new

Letting go for the very first time
Hurtling into space
Losing all of my defenses
Gone without a trace

Propelled by simple force 
Far greater than you or I
Limitless opportunities
Now encompass my whole life

Understanding finally
All that I had not seen
Fully comprehensive
At last, to all things free

Awed daily by this new state
So powerful for me
But if I must define these feelings
I’d say it’s exactly what love should be

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