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Book Reviews Coming Soon: Helena Hunting, Siobhan Davis, Penelope Douglas, LJ Shen and Adriana Locke

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for those of us who love these authors. It started in April with the much-anticipated release of Reckless, the latest book in Adriana Locke’s Mason Family series and it just keeps getting better.

A Kiss For A Kiss, the latest in Helena Hunting’s All In series, will be released on May 27. I like to pre-order on Amazon because usually I get lucky and find the new release on my kindle the day before, which is awesome because the waiting really is the hardest part, Tom Petty was absolutely right about that. In anticipation of the latest chapter in the series, I’ll be reviewing the whole series. Starting tomorrow with A Lie For A Lie, I’ll cover A Favor For A Favor and A Secret For A Secret before the new release. Spoiler: they’re all awesome.

All In series on Amazon.

Early reviews are fantastic and I’m looking forward to this book because Hunting is focusing on a couple in their 40’s for the first time. That’s a big change from the Pucked series and the previous All In stories but I have faith that she’ll do it very well. The story focuses on the parents of characters featured in the third book: Jake Masterson, Queenie’s father, and Hanna Kingston, Jake’s mom. There’s a complicated family dynamic as a result but that’s not their only obstacle since the couple lives across the country from one another. This story won’t be typical but the early reviews tell me it’ll be just as good.

The next stop on my favorite author spring tour is Siobhan Davis. Her new duet, All Of Me began in April with the release of Say I’m The One, was released, so I’ll be posting a review before the release of book two, Let Me Love You. Davis is one of my absolute favorites so I’m excited for these books but also a little hesitant. The reviews are all about the angst and feels so I’ve decided to wait until closer to the May 31 release of book two to read the first volume since it ends on a huge cliffhanger and I’m super impatient. Plus, full disclosure, I’m a teensy bit concerned about Siobhan toying with my heart because I still can’t get Inseparable out of my mind.

  • Say I’m The One – All Of Me book 1
  • Let Me Love You – All Of Me book 2

All Of Me duet on Amazon.

Reviews for Say I’m The One are almost unanimously glowing but it looks like a heavy read with lots of feels, which isn’t always my thing. Nevertheless, I’m going to read these because she’s such a phenomenal writer, I’m compelled to read everything she create. After all, I didn’t think I’d like Cruel Intentions at first glance but quickly became obsessed with the Rydeville Elite series. I’m excited for the next volume in that series, Sawyer, which is scheduled to release in June. I’ve been anticipating it since I finished Jackson and can’t wait to read Hunt’s story, especially because I think we’ll see lots of Xavier in this one and I never get enough Xavier.

Rydeville Elite series on Amazon.

Pre-order Sawyer on Amazon.

Penelope Douglas has a new standalone coming June 3, Tryst Six Venom, a new adult FF bully romance. Considering how much I love the Devil’s Night series and Punk 57, I’m excited for her new book, plus it’s my first FF romance so that should make it even more interesting. I’m not sure what to expect but can’t wait to find out. Douglas has also announced a new series set to premiere in 2021, Hellbent. This is a spin-off of her popular Fall Away series featuring the next generation and is highly anticipated. I haven’t read the original series yet but it’s next on my reading list and I’m looking forward to starting a series that has a spin-off series, much like Hunting’s Pucked and All In. No release dates have been announced yet but the first book will hopefully happen in 2021.

Pre-order Tryst Six Venom on Amazon.

Fall Away series on Amazon.

Douglas Q&A on Hellbent series.

Adriana Locke is giving us her first book in the new Cherry Falls collaborative series on June 8th with the release of 608 Alpha Avenue. Cherry Falls is described as a series of interconnected standalone romances written by 32 different authors. This is the first I’ve heard of it but I’m definitely interested and will be checking out other Cherry Falls books soon. I’ll be jumping on Locke’s though because she’s one of my favorites.

Pre-order 608 Alpha Avenue on Amazon.

Cherry Falls site.

Last but not is a book many of us have been impatiently craving. I’ve devoured LJ Shen’s Boston Belles series and have been waiting for Sam Brennan’s story since his first appearance in The Hunter so I can’t wait to read The Monster. There are very few books in the world that I couldn’t stand waiting for and this is one of them (the others being Moonlight Mile by Dennis Lehane plus the second and third installments of Greg Iles’ Natchez Burning trilogy because holy hell but those are completely different genres).

Sam Brennan was a lovable little boy in a terrible situation in Sparrow and I expected that epilogue to be the end of his story. The first book in the series features his sister, Sailor Brennan, and that’s where we learn that Sam has grown up into a dark, brooding, gorgeous specimen of a man. He’s followed in his father Troy’s footsteps as a completely legitimate businessman (ahem), a fixer and problem-solver for powerful men.

This one differs slightly from the first two books in the series being a mafia romance and nobody tells a love story with damaged men healed by the love of a good woman like Shen. She has a true gift. The Monster has so many things I love: tall, dark, handsome, brooding, organized crime and a complex love story, ostensibly featuring Ainsling Fitzpatrick as our heroine unless Shen let us run wild with that theory just to shock us with Emmabelle Penrose, but I don’t think so. Ainsling has pined for Sam since the moment she first laid eyes on him but everyone thinks she’s too pure and good for him.

I really enjoyed The Villain and The Hunter is one of my favorite books so I’ll be posting reviews of both prior to the June 15th release of The Monster. The cover reveal is happening on May 21 and that will hopefully settle the Ainsling/Emmabelle debate for good. We’ll know in a couple of days. I’m excited to review this series and to get my hands on The Monster finally, so June 15 can’t come soon enough.

  • The Hunter – Boston Belles book 1
  • The Villain – Boston Belles book 2
  • The Monster – Boston Belles book 3
  • The Rake – Boston Belles book 4

Pre-order The Monster on Amazon.

Learn Sam Brennan’s backstory now with Sparrow on Amazon.

I still owe reviews on Restraint and Reputation, the first two books in Adriana Locke’s Mason Family series but I can’t write fast enough to review everything. I’m working hard to catch up and in the meantime, send suggestions for new reviews. I’m always looking for new books and new authors, especially series. What are your favorites?

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