Abstract Thoughts on Love

To be free
Of all constraints
And run in any direction							
pursue any goal
To follow all dreams							
And never lose hope
To be down								
But never out
To be lost								
But never alone

To take what you want									
But be willing to give it all back						
To find humor	
In every challenge
To find a reason to smile
In the face of pain							
To will and want
But never in vain								
That it’s there								
Without question								

To believe 
In everything

To find it again
When all hope is lost

To question
And find answers

To be true
All the days of your life

To make them
Feel good too

To be good
To another

To grow
And improve 

To live for many reasons
Yet still have direction

To hold onto that which is special
But appreciate the mundane

To be happy
And spread joy

To feel the power it has over you
And bask in it

To just know
And make it all
Count for something

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