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New: Lilah’s Story

Lilah missed sex. There hadn’t been anyone since Brad and she certainly didn’t want to think of her ex, the self-centered, filthy, cheating prick. She’d trusted him for five long years and wasted so much time: getting engaged, buying a house with him, planning their life together, naming their future children. Still, she thanks her lucky stars every day for discovering his secrets before the wedding. There was no hesitation, no internal conflict; As soon as she saw him with another woman in their bed, in her bed, she was done. There are no second chances.

Despite the plans and happy home, it was like a switch had been flipped and any positive feelings she has for Brad vanished.

Why did I ever think I loved that freaking idiot?

It only took about a week to erase him from her life and start fresh. One day she’d been planning her wedding and imagining their future together then the next she was getting reacquainted with herself again as a single woman. Everyone expected her to be crushed and while she was grateful for all of the support, she wasn’t at all sad. It was actually a relief to have dodged that bullet so Lilah was excited to walk a new path. There was only one thing she missed about Brad. The one thing he did well, he did extremely well. And that’s probably the only time his mouth is moving without a lie coming out of it, she’d remind herself whenever she felt longing.

Chris is a complete upgrade in every way: far more handsome, smarter and funnier. He was a casual friend of a friend but they always gravitated to one another in social situations. One day, just a few weeks after the breakup, Lilah left the gym and thought she saw Chris on the street until she got closer and saw it wasn’t him at all. She was shocked by the heavy pang of disappointment when the realization hit her: she wants him, so what’s stopping her? She hadn’t been single in a long time but surely she remembered how to flirt. Chris is handsome, with short, sandy hair that’s always tousled like he just rolled out of bed. His body is hard and chiseled and those blue-green eyes spark something in her core when they focus on her. Besides being hot, he was funny, probably the funniest person Lilah knew and she found that to be just another in a list of very attractive qualities held by Chris Stanton.

It had taken a few weeks of working up her courage to decide to make a move the next time their paths crossed. After a few helpings of liquid courage while out at the bar with friends, she spent a couple of hours of convincing herself that she’s not looking for a rebound, just a good time and finally asked suggested they get together. He quickly agreed and though they’d made plans twice, both dates had to be rescheduled. Lilah was hoping for a casual arrangement, an almost-friends with benefits because the chemistry was undeniable. The charge between them suggests time spent together would be excellent.

Unfortunately, her new project and his frequent business travels kept getting in the way. Lilah was going crazy after months with no action and having Chris’ exquisite body so tantalizingly close yet still unattainable was frustrating beyond belief. She catches herself thinking about him all day long, especially since Lisa and Tom’s pool party, because he looks freaking phenomenal in nothing but a pair of wet swim trunks. Lying in bed tonight, she finds herself wondering how he looks without the trunks too, because although she’s never had that pleasure it’s decadent fun to fill in the blanks with her lusty imagination. Is he good with his hands the way she likes? Is that sexy mouth just good for telling jokes or will it show her no mercy? She has so many questions Lilah’s starting to worry she’ll never get the delicious answers.

Lying in bed tonight, she craves release as her mind keeps circling back to Chris, wondering if they’ll ever get together. She startles when the phone rings, groping for it in the dark, wondering who’s calling at midnight on a random Tuesday. A flush of heat burns her core, spreading outward when she sees his name on the screen.

“I have a confession to make,” he begins as soon as she says hello. “It’s late and it’s hot and I have a very early flight tomorrow and should be sleeping but I can’t stop thinking about you, Lilah.”

Am I dreaming this? She pinches herself, wondering if she’s drifted off, but she’s definitely awake.

“Lilah? You there?”

“Come over right now. Or I’ll come to you.” Does that sound desperate? No, he called me, that’s exactly what he wanted me to say.

“Where’s the fun in that?” He laughs softly. “I’d rather tell you everything I’m going to do, then you’ll wait for days, thinking about me and counting the minutes until I get my hands on you.”

“What do you think I’ve been doing since we had to cancel dinner last night?”

“Cancel your plans for the weekend, sugar. This is going to take a while.”

Lilah’s story will continue in the Love, Life and Murder newsletter beginning in May 2021. Let me know where you’d like to see the story go.

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